Payment and invoicing

BarclayCarter takes away all of your most unproductive background tasks. The result is a significant increase in the proportion of billable time you can achieve.

However, an even more important challenge also faces you: how to arrange remuneration so that you increase net returns and build your wealth in the long term. The right strategy depends on many different factors, and BarclayCarter has both the track record and the partners needed to deliver the best outcomes.

Our expertise in UK tax law is pivotal. Dealing with all of the complexities and subtleties of UK rules is a major challenge for any individual, with hurdles such as IR35 and MSC to overcome. Many previously lucrative schemes are no longer viable, and rules are constantly shifting as new cases are brought or new interpretations made by HM Revenue & Customs.

Quickly find the most appropriate remuneration strategy in your own case by calling today.

Umbrella service

An excellent choice for shorter contracts or for urgent arrangements. Entirely IR35 compliant, giving a simple alternative to PAYE. The umbrella company employs you, with extra benefits such as professional insurance. You invoice the company directly for billable time. Often useful for visa restrictions.


Where self-employed status is the best option, good accounting support is vital. You also need the ongoing advice that ensures your finances keep pace with changing circumstances. BarclayCarter will make sure that your arrangements remain the best choice over time.

Limited company

Some contractors still find that this is the best choice. It can offer the flexibility you need in your own circumstances, but there are obligations that come with being a company director. BarclayCarter provides the advice and support that will minimise the disadvantages and help you to realise the benefits.

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