The best for both

Contractors and consultants are an essential resource for almost all businesses. The high rewards available reflect the value of their skills.

Of course, any business relationship has to reflect the goals of both sides. What matters is meeting the needs of both client and contractor, designing and driving the best possible outcome for both.

BarclayCarter has the expertise needed to ensure ongoing business success as company priorities change, individual career paths develop and market conditions shift. The services we provide to individuals and to companies represent a highly effective way to achieve key objectives. Whether you are working as a consultant or using contractor services, find out more about how BarclayCarter ensures the best for both.

Payment and Invoicing

Let BarclayCarter take away all of the most unproductive background tasks. We make it easy for professionals to increase the proportion of billable hours.
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Consultants & Contractors

Exceptional skills demand exceptional support. Your net returns are what count, we can take care of tax, market moves, legal issues and much more.
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Make the most of contractors and consultants, with a unique combination of services and all of your mission-critical requirements in one place.

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